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Laura Schawelka
11.5.2024 - 30.6.2024

*The exhibition is showcased in our window display.

Feel free to visit us any day between 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM.

On view from from 11 May until 30 June

STORAGE cordially invites you to Laura Schawelka's latest solo exhibition, "Close" Through a series of large scale photographs, Schawelka invites viewers to engage with the complexity of commercial architecture and public space.

In her artist statement, Schawelka explains: ”The show consists of an installation of three diptychs. They are broken up so that they form a sequence when one walks past the window. You have to go back and forth and traverse the space to connect the pieces. The exhibition deals with the pace of (commercial) architecture and public space. All works come in pairs, but they are split so that a rhythm forms.”

"Close" features a diptych titled "Untitled (Exposition de blanc à la place Clichy, Henri Thiriet, 1898)," which evokes early cinematic experiences of illuminated department store windows. This historical image was captured from a book and reproduced on PVC, a material commonly found in the modern commercial world, specifically for outdoor use. Another diptych shows the sleek facade of the currently vacant building of the defunct UnionBank on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles - a car-centric city, where commercial window displays become practically irrelevant. Schawelka explores the history of photography and its contemporary applications, inviting reflection on its dual identity as both an artistic medium and a commercial tool.

Poster design: Theetat Thunkijjanukij

Installation: Paraform Studio

The exhibition is supported by Goethe-Institut Thailand

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